Borough Ordinances

Franklintown has several ordinances which are often unknown or misunderstood by new residents.

If you have any questions about our ordinances, please call the Borough Office at (717) 432-4047.


Below are some ordinances that are unique to Franklintown

Lawn Mowing: The use of gas powered engines is restricted on Sundays and holidays before 12:00 Noon. On any other day it is prohibited before 8:00 A.M. Their use is restricted on any day after 8:30 P.M.

Trash Burning:  All burning must be contained in a proper receptacle which is covered with a screen. Any open burning must be approved by the chief of the Franklintown Fire Company. The Fire Company can be reached by calling (717)432-1464.

Building Permits: Building permits must be obtained for any exterior changes exceeding $500.00. They are not required for any general maintenance such as painting or roof replacements. Please contact the Borough Office if you have any questions.

Anyone wishing to view the full version of the Borough Ordinances may do so during regular office hours.