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Per the Codified Borough Ordinances

Part 8 Nuiscances and Offensive Activities is the main governing document.  

There are many types of nuisances.  

Please aim to be courteous and respectful of your neighbors. 



Generally, noise is not permitted beyond the boundaries of a property at all times of the day, unless it is for a lawful or necessary purpose such as mowing the lawn.  When noise is generated for a lawful or necessary purpose, it must occur between 8:00 AM & 8:30PM, except on Sundays and Holidays when it must occur between 12:00 noon & 8:30 PM


Per the Codified Borough Ordinances

Part 8 Nuiscances and Offensive Activities 

Chapter 1:  Nuisances

Section 101

B.  #5



The main drag in town is State Rte 194 & Baltimore St.  This is a public parking area as governed by PA State Law.  There are no assigned parking spots.  Please be courteous and respectful when dealing with your neighbors.  If you are a tenant and your rental has provided parking, please use that parking first.  

Winter Maintenance


A minimum 24 inch wide path must be cleared on all sidewalks in front of and along side properties in the Borough  within 24 hours after the snow or ice has ceased to fall or form.  

Per the Codified Ordiance 

Part 12:  Sidewalks

Chapter 2:  Snow and Ice Removal

Property Vegetation Maintenance


**When cutting your lawn please do not project the clippings onto the road or sidewalk.  Should this occur please clean the clippings up immediately to minimize the safety hazard.  

Per the Codified Borough Ordinances

Part 5 Health and Sanitation 

Chapter 2 - Grass, Weeds, and other Vegetation

No grass, weed or any other vegetation whatsoever, that is not edible or planted for a useful purpose, shall be allowed to grow or remain upon the property so as to exceed a height above 12 inches or to throw off any unpleasant or obnoxious odor or to conceal any filthy deposit or to create or produce excessive pollens.   

Fowl, Rabbits or Livestock



Per the Codified Borough Ordinances

Part 5 Health and Sanitation 

Chapter 1:  Animals

Fowl & Rabbits may only be kept if they are in a pen located out of doors that is at least thirty (30) feet from an inhabited dwelling.  All Felt accumulating in, about or under any pen shall be removed at least once a week and more often if so ordered by Council.  

If you live in an area governed by a Home Owner's Association or the like, their rules and guidelines must be consulted.  



Per  Ordinance 288-2018 The Borough does not permit anyone to discharge consumer Fireworks on Borough Streets, Sidewalks or property. We also have a Nuisance Ordinance that includes Noise. Additionally, we are covered by the Pennsylvania State Law.

Below are the conditions that must all occur together to allow for legally setting off fireworks within the Franklintown Borough Limits. As you will see, there are very few places in the Borough Limits that will allow for the legal use of fireworks.

Conditions for legal use for Consumer Fireworks in Franklintown Borough

-must be 18 years of Age or Older

-must be a minimum of 150 feet from all inhabited structures ( The best way to determine this is to hold a measuring tape where you would like to set off the fireworks, pull it out to 150 feet and walk in a circle. If you encounter any inhabited structure that is not a legal place to set off the fireworks.

-must be on private property with permission of the land owner

***Franklintown Borough does not grant permission for anyone to use Consumer or Commercial Fireworks on Borough Owned properties to include land and streets.

-must be sober (No Alcohol, drugs or other substances)

Noise making fireworks may only be used during the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:30 PM Monday – Saturday or Noon- 8:30 PM on Sunday's or Holiday's due to our noise ordinance.

Borough Fees & Brochure

Boro Fees for Office 2020 (pdf)


2020 Franklintown Borough Brochure (pdf)


PA 811 - PA One Call

Call Before You Dig


Before you dig for any reason call 811 to let them know.  This free service will contact all of the utilities in your area to come out and mark their underground facilities.  This infomation saves on damage and also protects you as the homeowner should something happen.  If you don't call you are fully liable.  

Outdoor Burning Rules & Permit

Burning Permit with ordinance (pdf)


Transient Retail Business Permit & Rules

Transient Retail Business Permit Application (pdf)


Stormwater Info.

Homeowners guide to stormwater (pdf)


Elections & Voting

Where do you vote?


Franklintown Fire Hall

107 S. Baltimore St. 

Franklintown PA 17323

Park in the lot behind the Fire Hall and follow the signs for the entrance to vote.

York County


Click on the website link below for all York County Election and Voting info.